Comment policy

The main comment policy here at F&V is that comments are encouraged! Just click on the "seeds and scions" link at the bottom of any post (planting) and it will take you to the comment form, which also includes the trackback URI. Recently posted comments (planted seeds) and trackbacks (grafted scions) may be viewed farther down the left sidebar under "Propagation of ideas." Click on the name of the propagator to view his or her entire contribution to the discussion.

I want this blog to serve as a forum for ongoing discussion, so if an idea planted by me or another propagator has provoked a reaction (favorable or otherwise) in you, please propagate further. Planted seeds that I find especially thoughtful and interesting may form the basis of a future main-page planting (with due credit to the original propagator). I have already elevated in this way several fruitful ideas arising from outside the orchard.

Because the excerpt of any seed or scion, as displayed under "Propagation of ideas" is chopped off at 160 characters, I encourage (but by no means require) that propagators enter comments in such a way that a reader may glean from the exceprt what the gist of the seeded idea is. The title of the post beneath which the seed was planted does not show up in the sidebar (to save space for the excerpt itself); however, by placing the cursor over the name of the propagator, you should see a bubble that will give the title and date of the original planting.

Comments should be civil and free of profanity or ad hominen attacks. I reserve the right to delete comments or edit them to remove any content that I deem inapproprtiate. I expect not to need to exercise this right often.